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I hardly joke about Hell. Not because I am a Christian or a Muslim. It is because even if you don't believe in hell, a hell can be provided. For example: people with lung cancer can spend their last months constantly having the feeling of drowning, of not being able to breathe. Aids, cancer, God has a sick sense of humour. Looking at Hell, the actual hell from that perspective, puts humanity in a very dim light. It is, according to the bible, the everlasting flames. What does that mean? Both in heaven and in hell there is eternal life. But in Hell you spend it in the insatiable fire. There are no two ways about it.  It takes a couple of hours to completely burn a human being to dry bones. After that, God has you put back together again (he's a sick fuck) and then the process will begin again. Only then you'll know what is in store for you. And there is no end to your suffering.

Any sane, sensible and civil human being with knowledge of this system will come to the conclusion that only a sick, antisocial person would support, flaunt or propagate such a system.  Because this is WAY beyond blackmail. Any sane person would tell God: I won't endorse your system. You can throw me in Hell, but I am not going condemn the whole of humanity to a life of fear and grovelling to your likeness. If you want to reveal this sick extortion  to the peoples, you can do it yourself. I am not going to spoil their 70 years of idle happiness. Good old 'Ignorance is bliss!' After that you can throw them in hell alongside myself: knock yourself out!  Any civilised person will choose ethics over fear and any person thinking but in the moral absolutes of heaven and hell has no ethics. Nobody would be so selfish as to prefer their own slimmest change of salvation over the ultimate invasion of the peace of mind of others, especially their own children, wouldn't  they?

This brings me of course to those idiots from Topeka, Kansas: the Westboro Baptist Church. They are a couple of religious zealots who, with the support of a few out of context fragments of the holy book, go about spreading their apocalyptic vitriol to others. That wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the fact that they consider a soldiers funeral as the best place to spread their gospel. What gospel do they impose on the bereaved family? How about: your son is now in hell?

Their gay placards flashed at these funerals say "God hates fags," "God hates you," or sometimes more specific "Thank God for 9/11" or " (a recently deceased celebrity) is in hell." They are renown for gleefully rejoicing in what they call "God's judgment." Every tragedy in the whole wide world is attributed to God, as a punishment for tolerating homosexuality. For instance, the tsunami of Christmas 2004? God's wrath for the Swedes: 548 dead.  The other 200.000 dead were scooped up with furious anger and split hell wide open, just so that God can be happy. Monty Python couldn't make these guys up!

On what do they base this idiocy? There are two main ingredients: Fred Phelps and the holy bible. Mr Phelps is your average cult leader: handsome and charismatic but also wielding manic depression with sociopathic zeal. He's a five point Calvinist, and that alone provides enough fire and brimstone. It's basis is that salvation (i.e. NOT  burning in hell) is bestowed upon you. You have no say in the matter.  All you can do is heed God's standards and hope he's merciful. Their children are too innocently generous to his madness to see that there is a good reason God always looks so natural and familiar (sic) to them. It is the lethal combination of God and the patriarchy. It leads to your father being God.

I would recommend to everybody to actually look up in the bible the verses those idiots are proposing as support for their morbid ideology. Read the verses around it, read the context. But do not, DO NOT ever try to personally engage them with this knowledge. These people can't be swayed, reasoned, bullied or negotiated with. Not onlywill you bring JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF to one of their pickets (or God for that matter) to refute them to no avail: they would call our saviour a fag enabling false preacher. These are also people that will happily see the world burn. Happiness for them is seven billion people forever withering in pain in the everlasting flames.

Their position that "you only have to heed God's standard" is a cruel trick on themselves. Fred Phelps has no standard. When everybody obeys, he will reverse his orders; he seeks obedience for the sake of obedience and destruction for the sake of destruction. They who are craven enough to believe that they can make terms with him by giving in to his extortions-there is no way to buy him off, the bribe he wants is all our lifes, as slowly or as fast as one is willing to give in-and the monster he seeks to bribe is the hidden blank-out in his mind, which drives him to kill in order not to learn that the death he desires is his own. That is their shabby secret, the whole of the God worshipped by the Westboro Baptist church.

(with thanks to John Galt)


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Bas de Vries
I am a thirty-four year old artist from Groningen in Holland. I paint as a hobby (and therefore don't always have the time to paint because of my work). When I do, I enjoy creating my own worlds and seeing the paint and colours work off each other to make reality come through. I used to focus on portraits but I see myself moving towards surreal landscapes in the future.

Current Residence: Groningen, The Netherlands
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